The Exit Room is the place to come if you like your kit cars. We love ours and we’ve collectively got over eleven cars so far. We're trying to profile the cars and keep up with build diaries so you can see the modifications and fabrications we’ve made.

What's it all about?

We love the kit cars. We build them, tune them and race them. We also build them for the road. We'll have some cars for hire soon, allowing you to experience the trill of racing round a track or enjoy a ride out for the day. More

Llandow Track Day - Oct 10

After a mad rush, the boys got the cars ready for the track day. A mad week leading up to the day had everyone pushing to get everything set. The rain came down early and tested the cars handling, and then it cleared up and the cars were put through there paces... More

Build Diaries

All the cars are unique and each one has it's own build diary. The different configurations of each car makes it exceptional in it's own area… More

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Killer Bee

The Killer Bee (2B) is the latest edition to the pack. It's now race-ready having had a Vauxhall c20xe 16v red top. The focus on this car was getting power for pounds. The result was a fantastic car to drive, to look at and to listen to… More

The Interceptor

The fastest car on the track this year was the Interceptor, pushing 220bhp with 180Ft/Lb torque. This beast took the track by storm and performed exceptionally well… More

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Wonder is the lucky one! This kit car beauty was constructed over the course a year and has the 2.0L Vauxhall Red Top running on standard ECU and injection. The focus on this car was weight and lucky was constructed to be as light as possible… More

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